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NEW River2Sea

Whopper Plopper 75

The NEW sensation from River2Sea has arrived, This smaller version has a larger profile, and pushes more water to elicit some big strikes.

A must for any arsenal of top water offerings.

Ned Rig

This is a technique that works really well when bass demand a finesse presentation.

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Mother's Finest Worms

When the bite is finicky and finesse is demanded, these quality hand pours from Mother's Finest Worms, do the trick.

Brand New Keitech Color

This new color from Keitech is a two step laminate that is sure to elicit lots of strikes from really astounding fish. Phil's Propeller now has them for immidiate delivery ! !

            Billed Hats 

Our selection of billed hats will help keep sun glare out of the eyes, and prevent sunburn on the scalp.

                            Our Tees

Light weight durable, colorfast, long sleeved tee shirts designed for comfort and sun protection on the water and off.

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