Phil's  Propellers & Fishing Tackle

35 years ago Phil moved to the Lake Shasta area, and noticed a niche that was not represented very well. This niche was propeller repair for the thousands of boat owners who recreate on the lakes in this beautiful northern California Wonderland.

Phil became an avid angler, and gravitated to bass like so many of his friends. He added tackle to his business, because he felt his store could provide the latest right stuff in bass tackle for the area water's, and not represented for serious angler's like himself. Phil knew he could give his friends a place to shop for the best lures and baits at a fair price.

Phil's Propeller and Tackle now inventory thousands of, The Right Stuff  products, anglers search for and crave, that attract bass, crappie, trout, salmon, catfish, and more in the brick and mortar store, and Now the Webstore too. Fair pricing and free shipping are wonderful incentives for this Big Boys Candy Store.

We are quite certain you will agree.