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Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm

Style: Aarons Magic
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California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

For more information visit: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

The Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm brings you the classic soft plastic worm shape with the clean colors and hand-poured quality you are used to getting from Roboworm - the Country's premier plastic worm company. The Fat Straight Tail worm offers a thicker head section so your hook will hold more securely when Texas-rigged and will resist tearing better when the fish are biting. Roboworm's exclusive Salt Release System comes with every Fat Worm. It gives bass a burst of salty flavor when they bite, making them hang on longer - for a better catch ratio. If you've been discouraged trying to Texas-rig the standard Roboworm Straight Tail Worm, choose your favorite color and get the job done with the Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm! 8 per pack

42 Models Available

Model Style color length Stock Price Qty
SF-8Z3M Ayu Ayu 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-93GF Warmouth Warmouth 6" Low Stock: <5 $4.25
SF-823Y Aarons Pro Magic Aarons Pro Magic 6" Out of Stock $4.25
SF-829Y Aarons Magic Red Blk Flk Aarons Magic Red Blk Flk 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-8296 Aarons Magic Aarons Magic 6" Out of Stock $4.25
SF-A2AF Peoples Worm Peoples Worm 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-A2AR Oxblood Light Rd Flk Oxblood Light Rd Flk 6" Out of Stock $4.25
SF-A7JO Orange Crush Orange Crush 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-A7K3 Bold Bluegill Bold Bluegill 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-A23F Pro Blue Neon Pro Blue Neon 6" Low Stock: <5 $4.25
SF-ADAR Oxblood Red Flake Oxblood Red Flake 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-B29F MM lll MM lll 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-B296 Margarita Mutilator Margarita Mutilator 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-F6BF Green Pumpkin Purple Green Pumpkin Purple 6" Out of Stock $4.25
SF-F6FH Watermelon Magic Watermelon Magic 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-F8KF Pumpkin Punisher Pumpkin Punisher 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-F66Y Ehrlers Edge Ehrlers Edge 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-H2T6 Martens Madness Martens Madness 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-H2TR Red Crawler Red Crawler 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-H3HR Morning Dawn Red Flake Morning Dawn Red Flake 6" Out of Stock $4.25
SF-H23R Aarons Morning Dawn Aarons Morning Dawn 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-HK3K Morning Dawn/Chart Morning Dawn/Chart 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SF-M63H Aarons Pro Shad Aarons Pro Shad 6" Low Stock: <5 $4.25
SF-MY3H Sxe Shad Sxe Shad 6" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-93GF Warmouth Warmouth 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-829Y Aaron's Magic/R&B Aaron's Magic/R&B 4.5" Out of Stock $4.25
SK-8296 Aarons Magic Aaron's Magic 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-A2AR Oxblood Light Rd Flk Oxblood Light/Red 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-A7K3 Bold Bluegill Bold Bluegill 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-A23F Pro Blue Neon Pro Blue Neon 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-A46P Prizm Kraw Prizm Kraw 4.5" Out of Stock $4.25
SK-ADAR Oxblood Red Flake Oxblood Red Flake 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-B29F MM lll MM lll 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-B296 Margarita Mutilator Margarita Mutilator 4.5" Low Stock: <5 $4.25
SK-F5FB Green Neon Pumpkin Green Neon Pumpkin 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-H2TR Red Crawler Red Crawler 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-H3HR Morning Dawn Red Flake Morning Dawn/Red Flake 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-HK3K Morning Dawn/Chart Morning Dawn/Chart 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-M13H Hologram Shad Hologram Shad 4.5" Out of Stock $4.25
SK-M46P Prizm Shad Prizm Shad 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25
SK-M61A Baby Bluegill Baby Bluegill 4.5" Low Stock: <5 $4.25
SK-MY3H Sxe Shad Sexy Shad 4.5" In Stock: 5+ $4.25

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Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm - SK-8296
Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worm - SK-8296
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